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louis vuitton keepall 55

louis vuitton keepall 55


Miss Erica has now traveled the world with her Louis Vuitton Keepall 55, and I was happy to hear that this fffabulous travel bag has met all her expectations! It’s always good to realize it when you’ve made a great purchase! And it makes me think that it may as well be my next LV investment. Aaaaaah! Here is Miss Erica’s fffeedback on her fffabulous Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Keepall 55 with Shoulder Strap:

“Now that I have FINALLY traveled, I am happy to say that my Louis Keepall 55 has been put into good use. I can fit a LOT of stuff in there: clothes, toiletries, hats (I prefer to bring hats in my carry-on to avoid bending them in my check-in luggage), books, electronics, other mini purses (which I also don’t want to crease or bend up in my check-in), AND my laptop case (which is pretty bulky). That said, I am very thankful that I have the one with the shoulder strap, since it is an absolute necessity for the size of this bag and how much weight it can hold. It all depends on what you pack, however. I am not afraid to overstuff my Louis just because I know it won’t fail on me—such as ripping, tearing, or having the zipper break. (Come on, now! Louis just DON’T do that!). But because of that, it can get a little heavy, but nothing that I can’t handle (and I’ve traveled overseas with it). I also recommend it because it lets you max out the carry-on baggage limit; plus, you look pretty fly in the airport with it hanging on your shoulder ;-). Now I just need to use it more so that the leather can age!!”Buy it via Louis Vuitton

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