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Kate Moss needs a brand new bag! Keepall 55

Wow Kate! We know you’ve been around forever- and you’ve recently been through the ringer with relationships and all. You may have gotten your Keepall when you first got into the business. It has sentimental value- or whatever. But let’s think about this carefully:

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Keepall 55: a fantastic travel bag. I mean, this is a true duffle. You really can stuff it well, but it isn’t a hard case, so if you don’t pack it too full, you can use it as a carry on.  This poor old bag has served her purpose. She looks so tired, poor thing. She needs to be retired- laid to rest in that comfortable spot on the top shelf at the back corner of your closet.

Now, I know it isn’t right to compare- but check out hot High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale looks with her fresh 55 Bandouliere (the same bag, but with the strap):

Lucky for you, we have a gently used authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Keepall 55 right now on eBay! You don’t want to run out and get a brand new one- that would look like you actually care what any of us say about your dirty old keepall. Ours has a nice, light patina- like a bag that you’ve had for a while, but have just taken really good care of. Check it out!

Drop by on your next trip to LA and we’ll set you up with a whole new (well, new to you!) set of travel accessories!

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